Rise and feel the wind beneath your wings… More “wind” artwork on Illustration Friday. *** Steige auf und spüre den Wind unter Deinen Flügeln… Mehr “Windiges” bei Illustration Friday.

9 responses to “Rise

  1. Belinda this is so cool. Have you done a packing tape transfer with the lady? I love the cool affect it (the transfer) gives. Is that your handwriting with the ISE part of the Rise? Your writing is just lovely if it is. Another fantastic collage piece. Cheers Natalie Briney

  2. I absolutely love this….Tis beautiful!

  3. It’s lovely. All your collages are beautiful.

  4. another beauty! you keep amazing us…

  5. Beatuiful!!!…as usual in all you do….by the way…could you sell me one of your works? I’d love ot have it on my bedroom’s wall

  6. Love this Belinda. Is the lady a transfer. I see lots of layers but I am wondering how you achieved that see through effect. I love the touches of pink and red with the vintagey feel.

  7. thanks all for your kind words, also on my handlettering. nat and tina, very simple, it’s a transparency! i find packing tape transfers too time consuming, never do that. simply printed it on a transparency and cut out the body. glued it on with golden soft paper gel since i used it for the collage background.

  8. Wow that is just so simple (the transparency!). Thanks for sharing. Nat

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