IF: Ghost

ghosttag.jpgI just received my new rubberstamps from Green Pepper Press. I had already put them aside since I have tons of other things to do, but when I saw the new theme “Ghost” on Illustration Friday I just had to break them in! Thanks for a fun theme and making me use them. And with a crown it fits the current Wednesday Stamper theme. Voilà! How cool is that?

Hab gerade meine neuen Gummis von Green Pepper Press erhalten. Hatte sie eigentlich schon rübergelegt. Aber als ich das aktuelle Thema “Geist” bei Illustration Friday sah, mußte ich sie einfach einweihen! Danke für ein cooles Thema und dafür, dass ich die Gummis einweihe. Und mit einer Krone passt es auch zum Thema der Woche bei den Mittwochstemplern. Voilà! How cool is that?

24 responses to “IF: Ghost

  1. superoberhammeraffengeil!!!! ja, das ist mein geschmack, voll getroffen!!!

  2. Love it!! I did exactly the same thing when I got mine (aren’t they fabulous??!) but I’ve got to get busy with them. Belinda, it was delightful meeting you at Art&Soul!

  3. wow, thats my favorit.

  4. This is wonderful! Great job!

  5. This is great. Nice job.

  6. oh..ja..schädel und krone passt irgendwie auch gut zusammen. einfah giga!

  7. good idea – ironic work – I like it.

  8. I love how you’ve combined different “styles” of imagery to create this piece (the scary skull with the whimsical crown and wings). Nice work!

  9. Really enjoy this piece! I like how you’ve over-laid the images and made a really striking and graphic piece. It’s got a great vintage feel, but with a modern twist! Good job.

  10. wow. awesome stamps — and i love how you used them. you are really tempting my vow to not buy any new stamps for an entire month.

  11. incredible! i love it!

  12. Belinda,
    Of course I am loving this piece. Aren’t those GPP stamps the bomb?? Saw your posts(all of them!!!!LOL) on my blog. You are such a dear! Like Audrey said, walking away when you are having a slump is okay. I agree. Also I defintely don’t create every day. I took a couple of classes this weekend and it gave me the boost I was looking for.
    I have tons and tons of books and magazines. My goal of late is to put them all in one place to actually see how many I have…. At least I know it is not only me!!
    Glad to hear Audrey will join us for the GPP exchange. Looking forward to it. I am easy as I haven’t signed up for much these days since I was having so much trouble creatively.
    Have a FABBBBB week.

  13. Forgot to say, I just found out that Cirque du Soleil is coming to Washington DC. I am putting my pennies aside so I can go and see them. I have wanted to see a show for well over a year. I have heard so much about the shows. I hope it lives up to expectation.

  14. oooooh, scarey cool stamps, belinda! i am so stamp challenged – i need to buy some and use them!

    i wrote about you in my blog and linked to you too 🙂

  15. Belinda…this tag is too cool.

  16. yupp, veeeery cool, love the skull stamp!

  17. Such wonderful stamps! You did a cool job with this…it is regally frightening:> Well done!

  18. I love what you did – you wield rubber like it is nobody’s business! Fabulous color combos. . .
    P.S. Sorry to take over your recent comments. . .so behind I am.

  19. Love it Belinda!!!

  20. the skull is haunting

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