Garden Gates

476traveler.jpg477traveler.jpg I should read my comments before I post. To Nat and anyone interested: YES, Doris sells the garden gates individually. Currently, the class description still is up, but here are the 2 pics. You can e-mail Doris at and tell her I sent you. She doesn’t know about my posts yet. I got more garden gates since I think they would look so cool on the cover of an altered book etc. Actually she sold out on them on vendor night. Plus she sold her class sample! We were partners in crime and shared a table. And as you can see did I not put any mesh behind my gates. *** Ich sollte meine Kommentare lesen, bevor ich einen Beitrag schreibe. An Nat und alle Interessierten: JA, Doris verkauft die Gartentore einzeln. Im Moment ist der Workshop noch online, abe hier sind die beiden Bilder. Doris e-mail ist und sag Du kommst von mir. Sie weiß noch nichts von meinen Beiträgen. Ich hab mir gleich auch die anderen beiden Tore gekauft, da sie sicherlich cool auf einem altered book Deckel etc. aussehen. Am Verkaufsabend hat sie sie schnell ausverkauft. Und sogar ihr Musterbuch für den Workshop! Wir waren Komplizinnen und haben uns einen Tisch geteilt. Und wie Du siehst, hab ich kein Gitter hinter meine Tore gemacht.

4 responses to “Garden Gates

  1. Those gated journals are pretty fab! I think I prefer them without the mesh so you can actually see through them better. I would love to be able to actually see one in person; what kind of binding is the book done with? Is it the binding that holds the gate on or is that attached seperately?
    I am sure she is innundated with orders for those gates!!

  2. Wahnsinnig schön, finde ich deine Bücher, Belinda!!!! Vielleicht kannst du eines im November nach München mitbringen, dann könnt’ ich es life sehen?!?!
    Liebe Grüße, Helga

  3. Belinda, I am so cracking up. I bought the last garden gates on vendor night (she only had 3 left). And I bought the class sample too! (Thanks for talking her into it!) I love it and can’t wait to make a few myself. I took a class from Doris at AU – isn’t she great! Thanks for your work — it’s great!

  4. i love these gated books – how wonderful. i must take a class with doris at the next available venue, i met her for the first time at art and soul and just love her, a perfect mixture of talent, kindness, and so funny too!

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