bluetribalwingedheart2.gifI cannot believe that I’ll be leaving for Art & Soul Tuesday in a week … Still a lot to do, but am doing good with it my class preparations and vendor table. Am in the middle of printing out my class handouts which I will bind with my coil binder. It’s such a practival tool. This is a felted purse I did last month and just sewed the Swarowski crystal onto the crown. I’m experimenting and having fun … Don’t have a tattoo, but have always liked the tribal designs. All mono felt, no embroidery. Need to felt a few more things for Portland and my dining area has been transformed again into a felting studio. At least the wool looks colorful! I only have original art on my walls. So when I saw Pilar’s ScarabWoman on etsy, I couldn’t resist. Picked it up yesterday and it’s even more beautiful than on the pic. The top has a lot of teal and the whole background is just stunning as is her collage. Like her dark style a lot. It’s Pilar and unique. I like to buy original and special artwork that speaks to me and has an adequate price. Got some amazing matchbox shrines from Michael DeMeng, a colorful bird painting from Karen Michel and an incredible doll from Diana Twedt. All worth every penny. Vendor night will be fun! I cannot wait too what everybody will bring. The vendor list looks fabulous and my friend Tracy Roos has just been added. Already preordered some stamps from Invoke Arts. They have fabulous Frida and Mexican stamps. My kinda thing …

2 responses to “Tribal

  1. Thank you, Belinda! I am so pleased your like Scarab Woman! Have a great time at A&S.xoxoxoxoxoox

  2. sweets, it was great seeing you! Are you all better?? No more germs? I wish I could have had more time with you…we didn’t even get our margarita! sniff sniff…. oxox

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