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On some blogs I found links which led me to digital scrapbooking sites. Just a week ago I made my first digital collage and was curious to see what they had to offer. Lo and behold, I spent a good time looking and was thrilled to pieces to find designs I had been looking for. After making new acquisitions I discovered freebies (below)! 2Peas offers the most amazing section and it’s worth registering (even if you don’t want to purchase anything). Rhonna Farrer is my favorite designer at 2 Peas. Until yesterday I didn’t know what a .png file was. Sooo love them! Easy peasy! Who would have thought this. If you know of another cool digi scrapbook site, please share. I cannot believe how easy it is. When I think of digi collage Gillian Allen from art-e-zine comes first to my mind. She’s simply brilliant! And she has digi tutorials and links on her site. And right next is Marie Otero with just as fabulous (digi) artwork. She designed a gorgeous logo for Art & Soul 2007! Even if you don’t have a graphic program, it’s worth downloading the files because of the fab papers which you can print out at home. Swell!

Auf einigen Blogs hab ich Links zu digitalen Scrapbookseiten gefunden. Vor einer Woche hab ich meine erste digitale Collage gemacht und war vorwitzig, was es dort so alles gibt. Zu meinem Erstaunen hab ich recht lange geschaut und Sachen gefunden, nach denen ich gesucht hatte. Nach einigen Neuerwerbungen hab ich auch Freebies gefunden! 2Peas hat eine irre Auswahl und die Pflicht-Registrierung lohnt sich auch ohne Einkauf. Rhonna Farrer ist meine Lieblingsdesignerin bei 2 Peas. Bis gestern wußte ich nicht was eine .png-Datei ist. Einfach genial und so leicht! Hätte ich nie gedacht. Wenn Du noch eine coole Digi-Scrapbooking kennst, sag’s mir. Ich kann’s immer noch nicht fassen, wie leicht es ist (wenn auch etwas zeitaufwendig). Wenn ich an digitale Collagen denke fällt mir als erstes Gillian Allen von art-e-zine ein. Sie ist einfach brilliant! Auf ihrer Seite gibt es digitale Anleitungen und Links. Und gleich danach kommt Marie Otero, die genauso klasse ist. Sie hat ein wunderschönes Logo for Art & Soul 2007 entworfen! Selbst ohne Grafikprogramm lohnt sich das Herunterladen, da es viele tolle Papiere zum Ausdrucken zu hause gibt. Großartig!

Many digital scrapbooking sites offer free tutorials, here are some:
Viele Digital-Scrapbookingseiten bieten kostenlose Anleitungen an, hier sind ein paar:
Scrapbook Elements
2 Peas

Digi freebies * Kostenlose Digis:

2 Peas worth logging in /einloggen lohnt sich
Shabby Princess
The ScrapArtist
Cottage Arts
Designer Digitals
Divine Digital
Scrapdish (samples & tastes)
HM scraps blog
Connie’s scrap freebies
Scrap Brasil blog

14 responses to “Digi surfacing

  1. I love what you are creating. Digi is very addicting – but soooo fun!!!

  2. This is FABULOUS!!! I got away from digi-collaging for a while but now I’m inspired to get back to it after seeing this! OH so many things I want to play with, so little time!

  3. p.s. what does the quote say? :^)

  4. Hey Belinda,
    Isn’t Rhona fabulous; have you visited her blog? I have played with digi scrapping too but I always go back to paint and rubberstamps. I tried to do her 21 day challenge but had too much going on to follow through. There are some awesome scapping sites out there; check out Celine Navarro’s scrapping. Love her style. I especially love all those cool photoshop brushes. I have loads just waiting to be used!!

  5. I totally forgot to say that I love this creation. That teal background is so appealing and I can see the brushes you used. Lovely

  6. The quote is in French and says “Cueillez dès aujourd’hui les roses de la vie”. And I just discovered Rhonna’s blog, but do not scrapbook. Done a few scrapbooks for my godchild over the past 7 years, but I’m teaching her now how to make her own. Nothing better than an original collage with layers of paint and paper and … It’s good that someone brings the current mixed media trends into the scrapbooking world. It’s all blending, crossing over.

  7. Belinda,
    this is not true. I just copied some of my blossfeldt images to play with them yesterday!!! I love his photography!!!

  8. I’ve been looking into scrapbooking files to find something I like, but there is just sooo much. I’m looking for swirls like the ones you have in the pic above (#1), but can’t find ANY. Any tips? I’ll visit the links above later. Thanks!

  9. Your digi piece is amazing Belinda!!!! You have a love for art and it shows! And that photo artist you mentioned is wonderful above! I loved seeing what you have shown of his natural art photos! You are very talented doll! :0)

  10. Thanks y’all, too sweet. I couldn’t find those swirls either, but Hanna, 2Peas also carries rubberstamps!! Just click on my 2Peas link in the Rubberstamps Galore section. It will bring you directly to them. They carry 2 clear Rhonna Farrer sets with such swirls on page 2. Ordered both…

  11. I love you digital piece! Wonderful texture and design!! Thank you for the links I have been wanting to do some digital scrapbooking! Gorgeous Belinda – gorgeous!!

  12. Oh Belinda these are awesome!!! how fun I am such a computer dummy!!! maybe some day will figure it out??? but love your work so much!! thanks for sharing all the helpful links etc!! will try someday!!!

  13. Linda, most digi scrapbooking sites have easy tutorials. Have a look at 2 Peas and Scrap Artist. They are often grouped by software. Really doable for anyone.

  14. ive fallen in love with ur picture.. plz tell me how u did it? what softwear did u use?
    my email is lovelylaura16@hotmail.com
    id really appreciate the email 🙂

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