Sweet Monday

1.jpgI would have never thought that blogs are so much fun! So different from the yahoo groups where I just don’t like wading through e-mails. Even the digests are difficult. Here again I’m meeting people from all over the globe … Susan is one of them. When I posted my first felted poppy I felt that two of those complete strangers that left me a comment really liked poppies and would enjoy having one. So weeks later I sent one off to Susan … Turns out that she knows how to felt as well and loves Germany (don’t say no! 😉 ). I was out late last night and when I came home I found a surprise envelope in my mailbox. (Itiles.jpg still haven’t had time to look at the new Somerset Studio issue which was in there as well!) Inside I found a beautiful green package. Had to get my camera right away. I opened the package and found two beautiful ceramic tiles! It wasn’t supposed to be a trade Susan, but Vielen Dank my blogging friend! I love them. And they have found a safe new home here. Since I love stamping it’s extra nice that she used rubberstamps to create the design. Sweet! (Bin zu müde für die dt. Version …)

2 responses to “Sweet Monday

  1. Wow, was soll man da noch sagen.Ich muß unbedingt in deinen workshop auf der stempelmesse Süd.

  2. oooh oh oh ! they arrived! hooray and they didn’t break! yea!
    so glad you like it and well, that was my first experiment with clay tags. making some now this weekend for our online shop with transfers instead of stamping/carving.
    so glad you got them!

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