Michelle Ward’s new stamps

I have not received the new Somerset Studio yet, but I just saw a post on Michelle’s blog about her new rubber stamps. They are just gorgeous!!! New Alphabets, lots of birds and swirls, crosses, these cool eggs and much more. I have several of her plates and they are high quality rubber and print well. And she currently has a special pre-order price 😉 *** Ich hab noch nicht die neue Somerset Studio, hab aber gerade auf Michelle’s blog von ihren neuen Stempeln gelesen. Wunderschöne Motive dabei!!! Neue Alphabete, viele Vögel und Swirls, Kreuze, diese coolen Eier und viel mehr. Ich hab einige ihrer Platten und sie sind von bester Qualität und stempeln bestens. Und so ganz nebenbei bietet sie sie im Moment vorab zu einem Sonderpreis an 😉

6 responses to “Michelle Ward’s new stamps

  1. Aren’t these great? I ordered four plates and would have loved to have ordered them all! She has the best rubber and designs!

  2. Hey Belinda,
    Loving the new logo and I was so interested in the design process; I can barely add a link on my blog so redesigning the logo will have to wait although I have always wanted to add some of my own artwork!!
    Did you get out those Tiphony stamps yet??? Go fish them outta the bag lady!!
    I stumbled on Michelle’s website this weekend and also ordered a few plates; I spent hours trying to decide which ones. I saw her article in Somerset; it is awesome!!!!

  3. I cannot believe you two!!! I only ordered 3 plates … But just got some alpha plates from MaVinci. And no Tina, the Tiphony stamps are still in the bag. I guess I now have to open the new Somerset and read Michelle’s article. Yes, I love Michelle’s stamps! Why don’t we do a trade once we have received the new plates???

  4. I would love to trade with you guys!!!! I am all about the stamps these days!!! I am not very good at collage despite trying everything, but give me paint and I am in heaven!!
    Michelle’s new stamps are wonderful. I love the gothic alpahbet although I don’t do skull and crossbones much!

  5. I love your new banner! Fabulous swirly lines and illustration style!

  6. Oops I hit the wrong comment place. .. lol. . .well apply that to the post above! Sorry Xo

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