IMT: Paint

paintsketch2.jpgThis week’s challenge on IMT is “Paint”. So here’s a page in my paintbook with just acrylics. I cannot really comment on the posted questions since I never create anything to provoke or reveal on purpose. No political statement either. Whatever I do, it just happens and flows out of me. But I like to paint my Indian style women with curly hair. As a kid I hated my curls. I was the only one with natural ones in the family other than my dad. Everybody else had more or less straight hair. I wished my hair was straight and my sisters would put on curlers! But then when I got older I started to like my curls, cannot change it anyway. And now my niece Teresa has the most beautiful curls, but she hates them. I totally understand her, but tell her that eventually she might like them …

3 responses to “IMT: Paint

  1. I love your interpretation of traditional Indian painting. This lady definately has an aire of the exotic to her. I can not wait to see more of your paintings. 🙂

  2. i like the curls… & the “movement” in her hair!

  3. beautiful painting…luv the curls ..the way u painted

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