Art Retreats

I LOVE Art Retreats! We have nothing comparable here in Europe. My very first one was Art Continuum in Cleveland, OH which is no more (unfortunately). Then my sister Becky moved to Eugene, OR which is the reason why I started attending Art & Soul. Every single year 🙂 And because I missed having my Spring art dose, I finally was able to attend Artfest this year. The Artfest 2007 brochure is up and looks fabulous!! Unfortunately, I already have other plans and won’t be going the next two years. BUT if there’s any chance you can go, you won’t be disappointed! It’s cult and organized by Teesha & Tracy Moore. They were so kind and creative! And I’m thrilled to see that Anne Bagby will be teaching again there. I attended a 2-day workshop with her at Art & Soul in Portland a couple of years back and until today she has been the most professional teacher I have experienced. She also got me into carving my own rubberstamps which I love to use in my backgrounds. feltswirlgreen.jpgRun over and sign up, don’t walk! Also found out that my felting workshop in Portland in full. Water felting is not for the masses, so this makes me very happy! And I’m so happy that both water felting workshops got accepted for Art & Soul VA in May 2007. Here’s a pic of my second purse with swirls, I just love to combine colors. I’ll have to upload my very first purse with swirls which was my guinea pig!! And I was so happy with the result, that I’ve been going to town… Sorry, no purses are available for sale right now. *** Deutscher Text folgt.

4 responses to “Art Retreats

  1. Will you be in Portland for October? Cant wait to see you again. Your felting designs are wonderful and I will have to find a way to make it to VA to take a class!
    hugs a bunch

  2. Hi Belinda,

    I’m so bummed that I just missed out on signing up for your felting class at A&S Portland! I waited a little too long…sigh…hopefully next time! I love your work and hope to meet you again at one of the art retreats (I’ve met you very briefly before at A&S and AF)

    Take care,


  3. oh dear! Anne Bagby is my NUMBER ONE class on Saturday so keep your fingers crossed so that i can take her class ! I’ve been DREAMING about that for years! and reading your entry makes me wanna take it even more! 🙂

  4. i put anne down as a first choice this year. oh, i hope i get her! can’t wait to meet you (and learn from you) at art and soul in a few weeks!

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