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i give up trying to upload a custom header! for technical reason, it was better to open a blog here than on blogger. but there are some limitations. however, recently they added a customized header for a few templates. but every one has a different size and i’m just not happy with the templates. so there. here is my fave look. since some have been noticing my experimental endeavors. 😉 *** keine sorge, mir reichts jetzt und ich experimentiere nicht weiter mit einem eigenen header herum. so bleibt’s nun!

3 responses to “website look

  1. Hi Belinda!
    It is really a pleasure to have found your blog. Your work is really inspiring, breath taking at times. I am not an expert in visual arts but I like to think about the importance of images in my life, wether I like it or not. I got to altered books because I am going to work on Burroughs for my MA on comparative literature so I have been reading about his cut ups ideas and seeing some of his scrap books.
    You know, I am a bit of an apocalyptic, as Mr. Eco would put it, about the power of images to shape people’s minds in contemporary media; however, when I find artworks like yours, which really transmit your love for life beyond any economical purpose, I think the power of images can be of so much benefit when we use it with imagination. I am Mexican and as you know the arts in Mexico have been overtly political. Sometimes I try to approach a work of art from an exclusevly aesthetical perspective but I can’t; I always end up judging its political implications.So I hope you will understand why I used so much of your comments space for this ramble. The thing is that I love your work

  2. I agree with the above comment your work is so inspiring!! Also – I could prob. make you a header with your images for this template. I took a look at the code and seems quite possible. If you want me to just let me know! 🙂

  3. belinda,
    maybe i can trade a header for your poppy.
    send me the details. photos idea, etc. simple enough?
    best wishes,

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