Morning ATC bliss

myzone.jpgI was up a bit earlier this morning, too much on my mind …? Or rather I was just craving for a some art dose! Haven’t had time for any this week … So I made these two quick ATCs. Each one took me less than an hour. Yes, that’s quick for me!!! I love rubberstamping and find them so convenient. They blend perfectly into collages, altered books, fabric art … and when I do scrapbook pages for family or seldom cards. And I’ve been quite disappointedly noticing over the past 2 years, that rubberstamp stores in the US are evolving into scrapbook stores. 😦 It’s finally hitting Germany, but for once I’m glad we’re behind here ‘cos we still love ruberstamping! Especially those gals down in Munich. 😉 I guess evolution is normal and happens, but I have so many fabulous rubberstamps and I want to use them more often. So I’m kind of challenging myself to make something with rubberstamps once a week … I pulled out some fave rubberstamps and off I went. My Zone was the first one. I scraped on red acrylics with a credit card. Next I stamped parts from Scroll Heart with black ink. Stamp on My Zone with ivory acrylics using a foam brush. Stamp women (Acey Deucy) with brown ink onto white paper, cut out and glue onto ATC. Cut out butterfly wing and glue on. Paint shadow with yellow acrylics and dots with blue acrylics. Edge ATC with red acrylics. OK, for some reason I liked the wing to go overboard … big hat I guess! *** Dt. Übersetzung folgt …

she.jpgPretty Queen was the second. Background was superduper fast -> I glued on top layer of a decorative napkin!! We have such cool ones here in Germany, that I’ve been collecting them for more than 15 yrs (don’t ask how many I have!!!!). I stamped on woman with brown ink onto white paper and glued it onto ATC. Cut a crown from German vintage text (also going overboard on top!). I painted the crown with ivory and brown acrylics. Next I painted on shadow, swirls and dots with mint acrylics. Edged the ATC with brown acrylics and painted the lips with red pencil. Rather quick for me! *** Pretty Queen war die 2. Der Hintergrund war superduper schnell -> hab die obere Lage einer Dekoserviette genommen! Bei uns in Deutschland gibt’s so tolle, dass ich sie schon über 15 Jahr sammle (frag nicht, wie viele ich habe!!!!) Die Frau habe ich mit braunem Stempelkissen auf weißes Papier gestempelt, ausgeschnitten und aufgeklebt. Die Krone von alter dt. Textseite ausgeschnitten, mit beiger und brauner Acrylfarbe bemalt. Dann hab ich Schatten, Spiralen und Punkte mit mint Acryl, den ATC-Rand mit braunem Acryl bemalt und abschließend noch die Lippen mit rotem Bleistift ausgemalt. Das war schnell für mich!

2 responses to “Morning ATC bliss

  1. Both these are very nice, and I really like that you describe how you made them and how long you take to finish them. Great work!

  2. Beide ATC’s finde ich echt klasse und die Sache mit der Acrylfarbe auch. Und diesen Stempel “My Zone” hätte ich auch gerne. Die Idee mit dem Flügel auf dem Kopf ist so genial, darauf wäre ich nie gekommen, da denke ich eben immer so korrekt!!!!! Super gemacht, Belinda.

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