Blue Tower

Pretty much every day I pass by this blue corner house here in Luxembourg Blue Tower(Neudorf). And I have totally fallen in love with this blue tower! This is the view when I’m going home, driving down Rue du Kiem. Makes me smile every time I drive by. Pretty in blue, isn’t it?? Luxembourg is not large, but the old city is so gorgeous and it’s all just down the road. Will take more pics as the weather gets better. ****

Ist mein blauer Turm nicht wunderschön!?? Fahr fast jeden Tag dran vorbei und kann mich einfach nicht dran sattsehen. Blaues Haus steht Ecke Rue du Kiem/Rue Neudorf. Werd noch mehr Bilder vom schönen Luxemburg einstellen, sobald sich die Sonne mehr zeigt.

One response to “Blue Tower

  1. Well i was thrilled to stumble upon your Blog- can’t wait to see more photos of the gorgeous area you live in and of course your artwork-I still have some of your ATCs displayed on my mantle from a swap a couple of years ago!

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